Jay Kamat

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Hi! I'm Jay Kamat, and I'm interested in everything related to science, technology, computers, engineering, and space!

2 Projects

2.1 Personal Projects

These are projects that I have created purely for fun, or for improvements in my day to day workflow.

  1. alda-mode

    An Emacs major mode for alda

  2. dotfiles

    My dotfiles, containing all my configs and desktop automation tools

  3. ViPaint

    A vi inspired, modal painting program, written in Java

  4. elevator-linked-list

    A C++ demo on how the design of super-tall elevators can be used to improve linked list performance

  5. JPlanetSimulator

    A Java 2D N-Body Planet Simulation using Newton's Laws

  6. DoCIF (deprecated)

    A Docker CI Framework, Leveraging Github/CircleCI

2.2 Free Software Contributions

  1. qutebrowser
  2. robocup-software
    • Maintainer and Software Lead for 2016-2017
    • Actively contributing through undergrad.
  3. Alda
    • Created the Alda auto-updater. See alda update.
    • Created the new Java REPL. See alda repl.
  4. riot-android
    • Created the first revision of a theme switcher and a dark theme.

3 Contact

Author: Jay Kamat

Published: 2017-03-13

Emacs 25.3.1 (Org mode 9.1.13)